DrySyn 48 hour special offer

Thought it was about time that I made a super special DrySyn offer to my followers on Linkedin, Twitter etc.

DrySyn MULTI S Kit

This offer will allow parallel synthesis at either 250ml x 3 or 500ml x 3.
Basically if you purchase one set of either ADS5-250ml inserts @ £275.00 or ADS6-500ml inserts @ £342.00 (both are packs of 3) I will give you an ADS6-B base plate for these and an ADS6-C clamp allowing you larger scale parallel synthesis on a standard hotplate stirrer for not a lot of money and saving £505.00.
See info on this unit HERE
HOWEVER as with previous super special offers from Asynt you only have 48 hours to place an order, deadline for orders to be received is 5pm this Wednesday 15th of October, orders must also state the offer code M-10 to get the extra items.