Publication 36: Continuous Bromination of Methanesulfones and Methansulfonates using KOBr with FlowSyn

New FlowSyn publication written by Frederik Van Waes at Ghent University, using the FlowSyn.
Van Waes bromination abstractHalomethylsulfonyls constitute a group of commercially important agents with biocidal, herbicidal, antifungal and polymerisation initiating properties that are manufactured industrially on a large scale.

Stevens’ group in Belgium have developed a fast and efficient continuous flow-through bromination procedure that utilises KOBr as the brominating agent that is formed on demand.

This process is expedited by emulsion formation of the biphasic reaction mixture in a Uniqsis glass static mixer chip/reactor to afford quantitative yields of halogenated methylsulfones and methane sulfonates in through-puts of up to 53g per day using a laboratory scale system as a proof of concept.

F. E. A. Van Waes, S. Seghers, W. Dermaut, B. Cappuyns, C. V. Stevens, J. Flow Chem., 2014: 10.1556/JFC-D-14-00006