Join us in Rouen

Asynt in Rouen

The Asynt team are exhibiting in Rouen, France this week at RICT 2014: 2nd to 4th July

The French Medicinal Chemistry Society (Société de Chimie Thérapeutique – SCT) is holding the 50th edition of the International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry.

The scientific programme will include over 25 plenary lectures by internationally recognised scientists and will focus on “Interfacing Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery“, covering the main stages of modern drug discovery:

  • Targets and Pathways
  • Novel Approaches / Tools to Understand Molecular Interactions (Unravelling Biological Pathways)
  • Predictive Tools in Drug Discovery
  • Exploring Molecular Space
  • Peptides / Peptidomimetics in Drug Discovery
  • Case Studies

As per its tradition, the scientific committee will ensure the high quality and diversity of the scientific programme, together with the accessibility of the meeting to MSc and PhD students.

During the meeting the P. Ehrlich Lecture Award will be awarded to a researcher or a research team for his/her/their outstanding contribution to medicinal chemistry. Furthermore, the Pierre Fabre Award for Therapeutic Innovation will be attributed to a researcher having accomplished a decisive action or made a discovery contributing to a therapeutic innovation. In addition, a poster session will provide the opportunity for all participants to present their current results. “Best poster” prizes will also be attributed.

Building on the success of 2013 in Nice, RICT 2014 is expected to gather 600+ scientists from around the world.

RICT2014 is held at Rouen’s Law Faculty, a beautiful new building located downtown on the bank of the Seine River, and within walking distance from the Place du Vieux Marché (where Joan of Arc was burnt alive in 1431) and the famous Rouen Cathedral, painted by Claude Monet.

Join us and see the new Asynt PressureSyn along with many other innovative and practical chemistry tools.