Asynt April 2022 Newsletter – full of tasty chemistry!

Asynt April 2022 newsletter

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Here’s what we have in store for you in the Asynt April 2022 newsletter:

  • NEW modular photoreactor: LightSyn Illumin8 will make you glow with joy!
  • Improved workflow in early discovery chemistry:  See what CRUK have to say about the benefits from using the DrySyn OCTO
  • Wish you could get more done on your hotplate at a time? You need the DrySyn Parallel Synthesis Kit
  • The lean, green, profitability machine:  We join Gambica at CHEMUK and explain why going green in the lab means more green in the bank!
  • New lab offers:  Spring into the new season with our fantastic new deals
  • Hatfield Med Chem Symposium: Come and meet the new member of our team
  • Last chance: Don’t miss out on our Q1/2022 special offers, finishing soon.
  • Here for you:  We welcome two new partners to the Asynt distributor network
  • What’s glass got to do with a Cadbury Creme Egg? A brilliant STEM project, and some tasty research

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