Announcing our winner!

We are very pleased to say that the Lab Innovations 2014 show was a hugely fun event for our team, meeting lots of you guys, finding some new and innovative products, winning the Lions Lair competition with PressureSyn, and having the opportunity to show off a few of the wide range of laboratory apparatus that we can supply. Our friends from Julabo were with us, so we could help with complex circulator queries too and we had a fantastic response to our ReactoMate jacketed lab reactor system set up and the related draw we ran for our visitors to guess the number of beads used in the vessel on the day.

I personally counted the pot of beads so that no one could question the outcome, and not one of our sales team knew the correct number so there could be no nudging towards a region of numbers (not that our team would do that anyway!) and the winner was a true winner, fair and square.

You can see the baffled stirring in our video here:

There were a staggering one thousand four hundred and ninety four beads whizzing around in the ReactoMate reactor vessel, giving you a clear view of how effective the stirring system is.  I am pleased to announce that Yingqian Xu at Energenics Europe in Oxford was our winner with a guess of 1200.  Congratulations Yingqian! The prize for this fun event was one of the new iKettles – We’re ready for a cuppa whenever you are!

Kirsty Waight, Operations Manager