LightSyn Illumin8 Cooling/Heating Base Evaluation: Rowan Bailey, Imperial College London

LightSyn Illumin8 Cooling/Heating Base Evaluation:

“The Asynt LightSyn Illumin8 Cooling/Heating Base integrated faultlessly with our photochemical set-up using a portable mini-chiller.

LightSyn Illumin8 cooling/heating base evaluation Imperial College London

The temperature control offered by the plate gave us an invaluable insight into the complex kinetics of our reaction, and we were amazed with the efficiency of the heat exchange.

LightSyn Illumin8 Cooling Base for total temperature control of your parallel photochemical reactions

We used the plate down to single digit temperatures, but it is evident that the system can extend substantially beyond this. We would recommend the part to anyone who is looking to introduce confident temperature control into their photochemical screening apparatus.”


The LightSyn Illumin8 Cooling/Heating Base Evaluation was shared with Asynt after the apparatus was trialled by the Crimmin Group at Imperial College London;

Rowan Bailey, PhD Student, Imperial College London (UK)

Purchasing information:

  • Part Number: ADS26-BASE
  • Supplied with M16 threaded connectors as standard
  • If you wish to use simple push-on tubing please ask for collar nuts and hose barbs in your preferred size to be included in your quotation