Bespoke Solutions

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Asyntise your lab - Bespoke solutions

We understand that many of our customers are conducting research in new and often highly specialised areas where sometimes off-the-shelf products may not meet the desired requirements.  By working in partnership with you, we can help solve these problems and provide one-off solutions specifically designed to fulfil your needs.

Customise - Don't Compromise

“Asyntise” is where we work closely with scientists to create apparatus that meet a specific need not met by an off-the-shelf solution.
By combining our wide range of skills and experience with your export pool of knowledge we can help develop novel tools and apparatus to meet your challenges head-on.  There may not be anyone else trying to do what you are, but that doesn’t mean that a practical solution cannot be found when we work together!

Bespoke Solutions

Examples of just a few bespoke solutions include

Mesoscale Segmented Flow Reactor (KRAIC)

Custom cooling system designed for the Department of Chemistry, University of Bath, UK

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Thermoregulation Plate for Parts Testing

Designed for private UK customer to meet their individual requirement for parts testing.

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CAD Drawings of Custom Reactor Rig

Full design of custom reactor rig to suit an unusual requirement. Designed for Johnson Matthey UK.

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High temperature DrySyn MULTI adapter

Designed specifically for customer working at very high temperatures, to accurately situate their DrySyn base.

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