High Temperature DrySyn MULTI Adapter

Bespoke Solutions - High Temperature DrySyn Adapter

Many customers have reported great success in using single position DrySyn at high temperatures. One customer asked us if we could ensure that the DrySyn MULTI could be utilised for high temperatures too without compromise. They wished to be able to use the multi clamps with ease which required the DrySyn MULTI Base to be accurately located on the HS7 hotplate stirrer.

Being manufactured from Aluminium, DrySyn allows our customers, with care, to work with chemistries that require high solution temperatures of over 400oC. Please refer to our notes (download here) of safety considerations before working at high temperatures in DrySyn.

Most standard lab hotplate stirrers have a maximum ‘plate’ temperature of around 300oC and therefore a higher temperature unit is needed if solution temperature above around the 280oC level are required. Asynt recommends the use of a high temperature hotplate stirrer from IKA; the HS7. This unit is capable of 500oC and is bigger than most standard hotplate stirrers enabling any DrySyn plate to be utilised in a central position.

This NEW addition to the DrySyn portfolio is the “DrySyn MULTI high temperature adapter”; designed to centrally secure a standard DrySyn MULTI-M (up to 3 x 250ml round bottom flasks in parallel) when using the popular IKA HS7 is particularly useful when positioning 3 flasks in parallel using one of the DrySyn MULTI 3 way clamps.