Making Sustainable Labs a Reality

Sustainable laboratory practices are essential for safeguarding our environment, any future funding or support of laboratories, as well as improving the quality of our work. In this blog post, we will look at how developing sustainable labs is both a possibility and a necessity. 

Taking Steps Towards Sustainable Labs

In recent years, reducing energy consumption and waste has become a key consideration to help lower the negative environmental impact laboratories can have. Additionally, green lab programs have been developed around the world to support scientists taking numerous steps toward making a laboratory more sustainable. However, unless these more sustainable laboratory tools or practices make both financial sense and improve life in the lab for the scientist, there will be little uptake of progressive solutions.  Below, we will outline how Asynt and our products support sustainability in a way that makes sense for everyone.

prevent water waste and floods in your lab - chemistry air condensers CondenSyn are water-free!

CondenSyn air condensers & recirculating coolers

We have developed a unique, high-performance design for CondenSyn laboratory air condensers to suit a range of systems and applications. Because we can customise each unit to suit your requirements, it doesn’t matter which system you’re using or if you need different fittings.  Suitable for both reflux and distillation, the CondenSyn is available in numerous sizes to suit an extensive volume range.

Our CondenSyn range is also environmentally friendly as the condensers do not require cooling water, which can significantly reduce the amount of water used in your laboratory – thus reducing your water/sewerage costs, all whilst reducing your environmental impact.

Additional benefits of our CondenSyn range include:

  • No risk of flooding or water leaks
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Can be integrated into a range of systems
  • Suitable for benchtop and scaleup use
  • Easy to set up, clean and maintain
  • Short pay-back time

Asynt also offer a wide range of recirculating coolers from respected manufacturers such as Huber and Julabo.  By utilising the appropriate recirculating cooler for your required temperature and volume, it is possible to dramatically reduce water consumption, water waste, and save money.  Multiple apparatus can be connected to just one cooler, therefore also reducing power consumption – as well as taking up less space in your laboratory.

DrySyn Heating Block

The DrySyn heating block range was designed to provide a safe, clean, alternative to oil baths in laboratories. This environmentally-friendly option is cost-effective, offers excellent reaction visibility and heat-transfer and scientists around the world use it knowing that they are reducing their negative impact on the environment.

In terms of cost and environmental impact, the DrySyn range not only reduces the need to purchase and dispose of messy and potentially hazardous oil, but also uses 35% less energy than traditional oil baths to heat. Additionally, our in-house engineers design and manufacture these products in the UK, enabling us to offer full customisation to fit your requirements. 

Key benefits of the DrySyn range include:

  • Removes the need for unsafe, fire-hazard oil baths
  • Prevents the cracking of glassware
  • Excellent reaction visibilty
  • Highly chemical and solvent resistant
  • No contamination of samples from oil
  • Can accommodate a range of laboratory glassware from <1 mL up to 5000 mL
  • Bespoke DrySyn solutions possible

Laboratory Reactors

Asynt manufactures a wide range of laboratory reactors that can be developed in a range of materials, sizes and volumes. We also create novel equipment to specifically meet your requirements. The temperature and mixing controls we develop for our reactors are designed to to run processes more efficiently, save energy and reduce high temperatures being used unnecessarily. 

Key benefits of our reactors include:

  • Automation packages available
  • Turnkey, tailored or fully bespoke systems
  • Huge range of sizes and volumes
  • Materials include: Glass, PTFE and other plastics
  • Temperature Control
  • Agitation & mixing solutions
  • Expert guidance to suit your desired parameters 

Asynt Supports The Development of Sustainable Labs

Asynt is dedicated to helping scientists design more effective, sustainable, laboratory solutions. As a team, we are continuously striving to improve existing solutions or develop something better. We are determined to help scientists replace hazardous and environmentally damaging materials, reduce waste and maintain tidy laboratories along with managing temperatures within their labs.

If you are looking to make your laboratory more environmentally friendly, we have a range of resources available and would love to support you in finding the best solutions. Our experts will ensure you still achieve fantastic results whilst developing more sustainable practices. 

Get in touch with us today and let’s get started!