Optimised Bespoke Glass Laboratory Reactors

ReactoMate Amber vessel

Asynt reports on an increasing demand for bespoke glass laboratory reactor systems, optimised to meet the exact demands of an application or project. Continue reading

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Compact 8-Position Parallel Synthesizer – DrySyn OCTO

DrySyn OCTO parallel synthesizer PR

Asynt has launched the DrySyn OCTO 8-position parallel synthesizer – a convenient, entry-level product for chemists wishing to conduct synthetic reactions under an inert atmosphere with temperature control, reflux and powerful magnetic stirring. Continue reading

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Non-Ducted Cabinet Enables Development of Infectious Disease Diagnostics

Leading multinational life sciences tools and diagnostics developer – QuantuMDx has invested in the Asynt professional range of non-ducted laboratory filtration and fume cabinets which sit directly on benchtop surfaces. Continue reading

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Reliable Control of Exothermic Reactions

The affordably priced DrySyn® SnowStorm ONE accommodates single standard round-bottomed reaction flasks from 50ml to 1000ml. Interchange of reaction flasks is easy and takes just seconds without disrupting the circulation fluid as is required when using expensive jacketed reaction vessels. Continue reading

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Novel Mesoscale Segmented Flow Reactor

Asynt reports on its collaboration with the Department of Chemistry, University of Bath (UK) in the development of a novel mesoscale segmented flow reactor with information from Dr Karen Robertson. Continue reading

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DrySyn Water Manifold Ensures Safe Secure & Efficient Reaction Cooling

DrySyn Water Manifold for connecting multiple laboratory chillers safely and easily

The DrySyn water manifold from Asynt optimises use of laboratory fume cupboard coolant use by converting a single water tap into three condensing streams and into one drain. Find out how useful it could be in your lab. Continue reading

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