ReactoMate DATUM System

ReactoMate DATUM System is designed with user-friendliness in mind and the numerous innovative features of the system make it the ideal addition to your laboratory.  Safe and simple to set up, this lab reactor support is compact and durable.

Suitable for vessels up to 5,000 mL, the ReactoMate DATUM support allows you to replace multiple reactor setups with one versatile and reliable system!

  • ReactoMate DATUM DUAL twin lab reactor support stand from Asynt - worldwide lab experts

    ReactoMate DATUM Dual Support

    Innovative CLR system for 2 vessels each up to 5,000 mL

  • ReactoMate DATUM controlled laboratory reactor stand from Asynt

    ReactoMate DATUM Support

    Stunning, safe, innovative CLR system to 5,000 mL

  • Asynt CondenSyn MAXI reflux condenser for larger scale reactions

    CondenSyn® MAXI Condenser

    Ideal for reflux with larger volumes of solvent

  • Laboratory Reaction Vessels

    Manufactured in the UK by our experts to your specification

  • ReactoMate vacuum jacketed reactor vessels from Asynt

    Vacuum Jacketed Reaction Vessels

    High performance at low temperatures