Thermal Testing Assemblies

Thermal testing assemblies from Asynt offer users the ability to have precise and uniform temperature control across a cooling plate as well as programmed temperature cycling for applications such as electronics thermal testing and cooling simulation cycles in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Asynt work alongside Julabo, experts in temperature control units, to deliver complete systems to meet your exacting requirements.

Asynt thermal testing assemblies are fully customisable to the user’s requirements with an extensive range of options including; support frameworks, thermal covers, removable interface plates allowing the user to test multiple different devices and humidity control.

Our technical team will work in close cooperation with you to ensure that you get the exact product required, to the highest standard.

Features include:

  • Thermal control
  • Thermal cycling inc. cooling simulation cycles
  • Possible automation functionality
  • Electrostatic protection
  • Benchtop assembly or integrated mobile bench assembly to suit your needs
  • Inert atmosphere housing
  • Full design consultation with technical experts
  • Complete technical CAD drawings with every unit

Possible applications include:

  • Battery management testing
  • Thermal testing
  • Component testing
  • Drivetrain testing
  • Automotive component testing
  • Aerospace component testing

UK / Europe / Global Delivery

Developed in collaboration with our clients / Bespoke design service

Committed to developing sustainable & practical improvements for scientists worldwide

Asynt’s unique range of innovative and sustainable products/services are developed by chemists for chemists - to make your lab life easier.

Martyn Fordham, MD

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