Julabo Presto Series

An entirely new generation of highly dynamic temperature control systems by JULABO.

The new PRESTO® systems are designed for precise temperature control as well as rapid temperature changes, making them ideal for reactor vessels, material stress tests, or temperature simulations. These instruments cover a working temperature of -92 to +250 °C with high cooling and heating capacity.

Highly efficient components give these instruments the ability to compensate for exothermic and endothermic reactions with extraordinary speed. Permanent internal monitoring and self-lubricating pumps contribute to the new PRESTO’s long service life. The integrated 5.7-inch colour industrial-grade touch panel is one of the identifying characteristics of the new PRESTO. It gives the user a clear and well-organised view of important information while greatly improving user-friendliness. Once in operation, the new PRESTO units are whisper quiet and barely audible in a laboratory. The new PRESTO units are extremely robust and work reliably even if the ambient temperature climbs as high as +40 °C. Multiple interfaces permit remote control of the PRESTO across networks and in superordinated control systems. Closed side panels without ventilation slits reduces to a minimum the amount of space needed to operate.

Typical features throughout the range include:

  • USB connection
  • For highly precise, external temperature applications
  • Rapid heating and cooling
  • Wide working temperature ranges without changing fluids
  • Highest performance with small footprint
  • Space-saving design optimizes space utilization in your lab
  • Ethernet interface
  • SD-Card slot
  • RS232 / RS485 (optional) / Profibus DP (optional)
  • CCC connections for alarm output, Pt100 external sensor and standby input
  • Removable ventilation grid
  • Highly precise ICC cascade temperature control
  • Electronic level indication
  • Integrated programmer
  • Unsurpassed power and efficiency
  • Space optimized design creates more room directly next to the units
  • External Pt100 sensor connection

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