Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

For users who require relocation of liquid nitrogen supplies from an LN2 generator or bulk storage area to the workbench, our range of liquid nitrogen Dewars are ideal.

These LN2 cryogenic storage tanks utilise state-of-the-art insulation technology to maintain the temperature and pressure required for safe storage, ensuring that your nitrogen remains in its liquid state. The tank also features a comprehensive safety system,  including multiple fail-safes and pressure relief valves, to prevent any accidents or leaks.

Whether you need to store nitrogen for industrial processes, medical applications,
or research purposes; with its high-quality construction and advanced features, our liquid nitrogen Dewars are the ultimate solution for your cryogenic nitrogen storage needs.  If you’d like to speak with one of our team about your LN2 requirements, please contact us for a chat.

MODEL CT020 CT035 C050
Capacity (L) 20 35 50
Neck Diameter (mm) 57 57 57
Evaporation Rate (L/Day) 0.20 0.22 0.40
Material Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
Static Hold Time (Days) 159 125 100
Outer Dimensions (cm) 40 x 56.5 45.7 x 66 45.7 x 81.8
Mass (Kg) 14 17 20
  • Provides a comprehensive range of production capabilities
  • Losses are mitigated by the tank’s low evaporation rates
  • Efficiently stores samples in varying volumes
  • The transfer unit facilitates easy transfer
  • The capacity of each system has been optimized taking into
    account the evaporation rate
  • Advanced insulation materials provide high thermal efficiency

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