fReactor Pressure Relief Kit

Available as an accessory for the fReactor Classic or fReactor MAXI kits.

The PRV assembly uses a similar (higher pressure) BPR cartridge to those available in our accessories kits, but instead of connecting it so that the fluid flows through it, it is supplied with a t-piece so that the fluid flows past it and it releases if there is an over-pressurisation within the system.

  • ADS22-PRV(250) fReactor 250 psi Pressure Relief Kit (PEEK): Pressure relief kit for PEEK fReactors (Classic or MAXI).

This PRV kit is provided with tube fittings so this should be assembled as follows:

The BPR should be screwed straight onto the T-piece with the arrow pointing in the direction you would want it to vent.  We recommend connecting tubing to this vent with it directed towards a catch-pot of some kind.

For further details on use of the fReactor with pressure, please visit our dedicated website:

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