DrySyn® Parallel Synthesis Starter Kit

The DrySyn® Parallel Synthesis Starter Kit comprises three different sized inserts of your choice to suit your favourite vials and the MULTI-E 3 position base with heat resistant handle.

This new addition to our range of easy-to-use kits offers true versatility for your lab!

Kit comprises:

  • 1 x DrySyn MULTI-E 3-position base with heat resistant handle
  • 3 x DrySyn Reaction Vial Inserts in your choice from the standard sizes available, each 4 position unless stated otherwise:
    • 11.80 mm (will fit 2ml HPLC sample vials) this size is a 9 position
    • 15.00 mm (will fit 1 dram vials) this size is a 5 position
    • 16.20 mm (will fit CEM microwave tubes)
    • Tapered 17.20 mm (will fit Biotage tapered 0.5-2 mL microwave vials) – This option is currently unavailable as part of the DrySyn Parallel Synthesis Starter Kit.
    • 17.40 mm (will fit Biotage 2-5ml microwave tubes)
    • 20.20 mm (will fit robot tubes)
    • 24.40 mm (will fit Radleys tubes)
    • 25.75 mm (will fit Wheaton reactor vials)
    • 27.65 mm (will fit 20ml Scintillation vials)
    • 28.20 mm (will fit large Biotage tubes)
  • Part number: ADS3-PSS-(sizes)
Please note the DrySyn MULTI units rely on a wide pattern magnetic field for good coupling when using multiple flasks or tubes, brands such as Asynt, IKA, Heidolph all have very strong and wide magnetic fields; some (not all) other brands use a weaker/smaller magnetic drive and as a result may not couple as effectively.

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