Ground breaking research at Monash University using the DrySyn system

Asynt reports on how the School of Chemistry at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia has invested in a range of its DrySyn MULTI heating block systems to support its ground breaking synthetic research in photovoltaics, water splitting and nanoimaging.

PR 30 Monash University Australia explain why they use DrySyn

With a first hand account from Prof Spiccia, we are told why his group use the DrySyn system in Photovoltaic research being undertaken at the University of Monash. This is mainly focused on finding new electrolytes and redox couples for dye-sensitised solar cells and optimising other parameters for the cell assembly.

PR30 DrySyn heating blocks in Monash University Australia

Download the press release: PR 30 Precise High Temperature Synthesis Advances Nanomaterial Research