New Options Increase Versatility of High Pressure Parallel Reactor

PR63 Asynt multicell

The Asynt MultiCell is a lightweight, high pressure parallel reactor designed for undertaking experiments including carbonylation, hydrogenation, catalysis and supercritical fluid reactions as well as air sensitive material studies.

Used in conjunction with a hotplate stirrer the standard 316 stainless steel MultiCell reactor offers users the ability to undertake 10 x 30 ml reactions in parallel at pressures of up to 50 bar and temperatures up to 200°C.

In response to customer requests – Asynt has developed a range of new features and options for the MultiCell high pressure parallel reactor that further increases the versatility of this high performance system.

These new options include a system capable of operating up to 350°C and 200 bar; a 4-position system offering reaction volumes of up to 150ml; the ability to make additions / take samples under pressure; sub-ambient reactor cooling and the ability to have different temperature and pressure in each reactor cell.

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