CondenSyn® – NEW High performance air condenser

CondenSyn® is a new high performance air condenser for synthetic chemistry experiments that requires no cooling water for operation.

Organisations are growing increasingly concerned about both the environmental impact and indeed the cost of running a research facility. A condenser is often required for synthetic experiments and therefore an essential tool for the research chemist. Whilst condensers cooled by a circulating fluid such as water are effective, their constant need for running tap water creates an environmental and cost issue. Consequently such condensers should ideally be attached to a recirculating chiller unit which will not just reduce the environmental impact but also the long term running costs.

Drawing upon over 30 years of scientific glass manufacturing knowledge, Asynt has created an affordable high-surface-area air condenser which is both safe and operationally effective. The robust design uses a new borosilicate glass manufacturing technique and this, together with a proprietary multiple hyperbolic profile, ensures optimum heat removal as vapours pass along its length. CondenSyn® additionally incorporates a non-roll feature to help prevent accidents if left on a lab bench. Offering clear visibility of ongoing experimental reflux, the Asynt CondenSyn is easy to clean and maintain.

Asynt CondenSyn®In extended period testing the performance of the CondenSyn air condenser has been shown to be equivalent to a Liebig type condenser being used with tap water. By not using water as the condensing coolant the CondenSyn eliminates the environmental and running costs associated with the need for constant running tap water as well as potential issues associated with water leakage.

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