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We keep an eye out for interesting chemistry tweets to share and @BuzzFeedScience had a great one recently; 11 Unsung Science Heroines You Really Should Have Heard Of.

Important work of immense value has been carried out by these great ladies such as Dorothy Hodgkin who developed the technique of protein crystallography and confirmed the structure of penicillin and vitamin B12. She won the Nobel prize in chemistry in 1964 and was the second woman, the first being Florence Nightingale, to receive the Order of Merit.  Pretty impressive!

Dorothy HodgkinAnother fine example of female brilliance is Mildred Dresselhaus; often called the “queen of carbon science”, and has been studying it in various forms for over 50 years. Graphene is now hailed as a wonder material, and using carbon in electronics is on the horizon. At 82, she’s still a professor at MIT and recently won the $1 million Kavli prize in nanoscience.

Mildred DresselhausTake a look at the full article on BuzzFeed Science HERE

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