Royal Society of Chemistry Twitter Poster Conference

The Royal Society of Chemistry Twitter Poster Conference is an online event held through social media site, Twitter, to bring members of the scientific research community together to share their research, network and engage in scientific debate.

The 4th RSC Twitter Poster Conference will be held from Tuesday March 6th (9am GMT) to Wednesday March 7th (9am GMT).

RSC Twitter Poster Competition 2018

How do I take part?
During the event simply tweet an image (e.g. JPEG) which will be a digital poster summarising your research along with #RSCPoster, the most appropriate subject area hashtag and the title of your work.  It’s that simple!

The hashtags for each area are:

  • Analytical – #RSCPoster #RSCAnalytical
  • Chemical Biology – #RSCPoster #RSCChemBio
  • Chemistry Education – #RSCPoster #RSCEdu
  • Engineering – #RSCPoster #RSCEng
  • Environmental – #RSCPoster #RSCEnv
  • Inorganic – #RSCPoster #RSCInorg
  • Materials – #RSCPoster #RSCMat
  • Nanoscience – #RSCPoster #RSCNano
  • Organic – #RSCPoster #RSCOrg
  • Physical – #RSCPoster #RSCPhys

Pre-registration is not necessary unless you would like to be eligible for a prize. To be considered for one of the poster prizes you will need to verify who you are and where you do your research. The event organisers strongly recommend you do this before the event by emailing them and letting them know the following information:

• Your name, address and contact details
• The title or topic of your poster
• Your twitter handle

How are the winners selected?
The main aim of the event is to meet new scientists, share ideas and learn about the latest developments in different scientific areas. The scientific committee will select posters which stimulate wide interest and feature innovative, high quality, exciting research. Posters prizes will be awarded for content & accessibility, design and researcher interaction with the conference. There will also be an audience award for the most tweeted poster. For the #RSCEdu Chemistry Education category, two prizes will be awarded: one for the best submission in the area of primary/secondary/further education and one for the best submission in the area of higher education. For all other categories, a first prize and a runner up prize will be up for grabs!

We’ll be following this event with interest – you can see our Twitter feed HERE!

Good luck!