RealTimeChem Week 2017 starts soon!

RealTimeChem Week 2017

It is essential to support the growing scientific community and one way of doing that is to get involved with the annual #RealTimeChem Week 2017.

For those not in the know, #RealTimeChem Week is a 7 day event to help raise awareness of the #RealTimeChem chemistry community on Twitter and encourage as many chemists to tweet about their chemistry as possible. During the week various events, competitions and prizes are on offer, just to make it all the more fun and exciting. This years event starts on 6th November so watch out for more information and how to get involved.

According to the #RealTimeChem blog, at the time of writing in August 2017 there have been more than 45,000 tweets containing the #RealTimeChem hashtag and the @RealTimeChem account has over 8,100 followers. That’s rather special!

There are awards and even the odd prize available so find out more about this event either on the blog HERE or over on Twitter HERE!