#Realtimechem week 2015

Monday 19th to Sunday 25th October is RealTimeChem Week 2015.  Why not get involved? It’s a community project which means you only get out what you put in.

realtimechem week headerYou might remember that we’ve mentioned Dr Galactic and the Lab Coat Cowboy in the past.  They run a chemistry blog that focuses on real chemistry, giving those spending their days in remote laboratories the opportunity to share what they’re doing.  Whether it’s their frustration at things not working out how they’d hoped, jubilation at a hypothesis proven, an idea, a work in progress – anything goes.  They are responsible for this celebration of all things chemistry!

All you do to participate is include the hashtag #Realtimechem on your tweet (this is primarily a Twitter thing) but they blog has guest writers and special events where there is a real celebration of all things chemistry.

We love reading the posts – some sensible, some not so much – but Asynt are pleased to support this event.

Find out more on the blog here or over on Twitter here.