Monash University embrace the DrySyn way of life!

At Asynt we are very determined to do all we can to help make the laboratory a safer place to work, and build a realistic way of working that has a minimal negative impact on the environment.

At Monash University in Victoria, Australia Prof. Leone Spiccia’s team has made the transition to the DrySyn laboratory heating block system, telling us that in addition to the obvious benefits it also helps them follow the universities safety policies.

Statement from Monash University Chemistry

You can read more about their research projects on their website here.

The Asynt chemists won’t compromise when it comes to our customers safety so we have decided that from 1st April 2014, every complete DrySyn MULTI/MULTI-M/MULTI-S/Parallel Synthesis Kit should be shipped with a FREE set of DrySyn Heat Safety Stickers, and the heat resistant safety handle for a nominal cost of only £30 net to all direct customers. You may of course opt out of this accessory if you wish to do so.

DrySyn laboratory heating blocks safety handle