The Magic of CondenSyn®: Lauren Turner, University of Hull

We are always very interested to hear your feedback on the tools and apparatus that we develop and supply, such as CondenSyn® so that we can either just walk around with huge smiles, happy in the knowledge that we got something right, or we can get to work on further developments.

One product that is receiving a huge amount of positive feedback is the CondenSyn® waterless air condenser.

Lauren Turner from the University of Hull Department of Chemistry wrote the following feedback for us:

“The CondenSyn® is the perfect tool for practical chemistry; it allows you to put on multiple reactions using a water-less condenser, which means you use less water and it takes up less space as there is no tubing required.

The CondenSyn is much safer than normal reflux condensers due to the lack of tubing, and also there is no risk of flooding so I am able to have a peace of mind when leaving my reaction on overnight knowing that I will not come in to a morning full of mopping.

I think of the CondenSyn like a magic wand: you place it on top of your reaction that you want to reflux, use it with the DrySyn heating blocks and away you go. You have water free, oil free and hassle free reactions that still give brilliant results at the tap of your wand!”

CondenSyn testimonial - Lauren Turner - University of Hull

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