Introducing ChemcoKorea!

With a range of distribution partners all over the world that are part of the Asynt family, we are very pleased to share the photographs below from ChemcoKorea Co., Ltd at two recent exhibitions:

The Korean Society of Pharmacognosy
Dates: November 24, 2016
Venue: The-K Hotel (Seoul)

ChemcoKorea Co DrySyn distribution partner

Korean Chemical Society
Dates: October 13~14, 2016​
Venue: BEXCO (Busan)​

ChemcoKorea Co DrySyn distribution partner

We really appreciate the efforts of Jong-Min Kim and the team at ChemcoKorea Co., Ltd in sharing the huge benefits of the DrySyn heating and cooling block system, and CondenSyn waterless air condenser range, to scientists in this area.

Whilst we are of course happy to work with customers anywhere in the world, you can find the contact details for your local distribution partners HERE on our website.