The GSK Carbon Neutral Laboratories for Sustainable Chemistry are officially opened

Monday 27 February 2017 saw the official opening of The University of Nottingham’s ‘green lab’ on its Jubilee campus.

The GSK Carbon Neutral Laboratories for Sustainable Chemistry (CNL) were designed to ensure minimal environmental impact. They incorporate all the latest developments in sustainable construction and renewable energy provision to ensure that they will have a zero impact in terms of embedded and operational carbon over 25 years.

Around 250 guests turned out to see the magnificent building and had the opportunity to take behind-the-scene tours ahead of the official opening.

We are very proud to have played our part in the development of this important and prestigious laboratory; offering key support and advice in addition to supplying much of the apparatus.

Martyn Fordham was among the guests invited to this event and, having made the journey to site via public transport and bicycle, gave us a tour of the facilities.  You can see his video about the day below:

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