fReactor: New paper published

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new paper from the iPRD (Institute of Process Research and Development), based out of the University of Leeds, regarding the fReactor flow chemistry platform.

The team are using individual fReactor modules to determine optimate conditions for hydrogenation reactions in a batch process.  Once optimal conditions established, they’re then using the complete fReactor platform to carry out the hydrogenation reactions in continuous flow conditions.

The simplicity of the setup allows the chemist to overcome problems that are usually associated with carrying-out pressure hydrogenations.

“The fReactor provides a simple, small-scale reactor to conduct pressure hydrogenations that are well-mixed and have temperature and pressure control. Furthermore, the same system can be run in either batch or continuous flow, increasing flexibility and improving operational consistency”.

To read more you can find the full paper HERE

To learn more about the equipment you need to start using the fReactors for pressure hydrogenations then get in touch with your local Asynt representative today either by email to [email protected] or telephone on +44 (0)1638 781709.