DABAL-Me3: A safer alternative to trimethylaluminium for amide bond formation

Amide bond formation is a key synthetic transformation in organic synthesis of particular relevance to the pharmaceutical industry. There is always a need and interest in new methods to make amides. DABAL-Me3 is a white solid which is much easier to handle than trimethylaluminium (TMA) – which is highly pyrophoric.

FlowSyn application note 28A collaboration between Prof. Simon Woodward and Darren Lee (Nottingham University) and Uniqsis (www.uniqsis.com) has shown that, under flow-through conditions, this reagent can be utilised in THF under superheated conditions to form amide bonds cleanly in only minutes directly from esters.

Please click on the link below for further information: Uniqsis Application Note 28 (Amidation with DABAL-Me3)