The Centre for Sustainable Chemistry

The Centre for Sustainable Chemistry is housed in a brand new carbon neutral laboratory, the first of its kind in the UK, as part of the University of Nottingham.

Part funded by a very generous gift from GlaxoSmithKline, the building will serve as a hub to catalyse new collaborations with industry. The Centre is unique in the UK not only in its design but also in its focus on world-leading research activity in sustainable chemistry that will aim for the highest “clean and green” standards to minimise environmental impact and ensure that the new chemistry developed is both energy and resource efficient, and sustainable.

Huge setbacks were experienced in the build when a devastating fire destroyed much of the center when it wasn’t far from completion back in September 2014, but we are very pleased to see that it is now ready to be put to work!

Asynt have been involved in this project since the early days and we are proud to have done all we can to support the University, and the Centre for Sustainable Chemistry, in their endeavors to equip their chemists with the right tools to achieve their aims.  We were involved with the vacuum and chilling systems utilised in particular.

You can see an informative video from the Periodic Videos YouTube channel narrated by Pete Licence, director of this new Carbon Neutral Laboratory at the University of Nottingham, by clicking the image below:

Nottingham Centre for Sustainable Chemistry