Brexit: What are we at Asynt doing for our customers?

With the UK leaving the European Union Asynt has made some contingency plans to ensue minimal delays to your orders placed with us:

  • For our own UK manufactured goods such as DrySyn and CondenSyn we have  over 6 months of raw materials already in place, stockpiled in the UK to ensure no delays with manufacturing will occur.
  • We have increased UK stock levels of popular German manufactured products, Vacuubrand, IKA, Julabo and Huber.
  • UK prices of imported goods from Europe may increase in some cases, this will depend on many factors including the exchange rate, import duties and increased shipping costs.
  • We have increased the stock levels of key consumables such as NMR tubes.  Please note though that you should not rely on our increased stock levels to guarantee supply; if you need to secure supply of a consumable line with us then ideally call us to discuss a ‘call off’ order which will earmark and secure UK stock for your organisation/department.
  • For our international customers we have put in place key supply agreements with our couriers to ensure priority for our exports above other UK companies.  We of course should see no delays to countries outside of the EU as these already have systems in place for dealing with import duties etc.  For our customers in the EU then we should see minimal (if any) delay to supply as our couriers are prepared as are we with commodity codes, procedures etc.  The possibility that we will trade on WTO rules will mean import duty needing to be paid on Asynt manufactured goods, we expect this to be a low level (around 3%) and indeed in the event of a no deal Brexit the weaker £ may well offset this additional cost entirely.
  • We have continued support from the Department for International Trade here in the UK.

If you would like to speak to one of our sales team about any specific supply concerns please do email [email protected] or telephone on +44 (0)1638 781709 and we will do all we can to help you.