Asynt September 2022 Newsletter – shine a light on NEW photoreactor tech

Asynt September Newsletter 2022

We reached the end of summer here in the UK at Asynt HQ and there’s a sense that she didn’t want to linger at the end of her shift!  Hopefully we have some news to brighten your day though with the release of our NEW Photoreactor and a whole load more in the Asynt September 2022 newsletter.  Please don’t forget that we’re always interested in hearing from you if you feel that there’s something missing though!  Do you receive your own copy direct to your inbox? If not, read on and find out how easy it is to have the latest chemistry news delivered each month.

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Here’s what we have in store for you in the Asynt September 2022 newsletter:

  • Shine a light on NEW photochemistry tech: introducing the LightSyn Lighthouse featuring our breakthrough new technology
  • Sustainable labs – the new reality:  making financial sense & improving life in the lab
  • Summer treats: grab our summer lab deals before they go!
  • Instrucan Scientific at QOMSBOC 2022:  come and say hi – there’s a lot to see!
  • How to select the right Impeller: Our straight-forward guide will help you get the results you need
  • Independent review on ultra safe pressure tool: Dr Marco Conte (Sheffield University, UK) shares his thoughts on this novel apparatus

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Asynt September 2022 newsletter

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