Asynt partner with intelligent & sustainable temperature control specialist, LAUDA

Asynt are pleased to announce a new partnership with LAUDA, facilitating the supply of their intelligent and innovative temperature control solutions to Asynt’s customers.

LAUDA temperature control equipment for Asynt collaboration

LAUDA provide intelligent and innovative temperature control solutions

LAUDA has almost 70 years of history, with a dedication to innovation and portfolio expansion. Their newest generation of chillers offer energy savings of up to 50% compared to similar products, therefore significantly reducing running costs and environmental impact.

With a reputation for precise temperature control and uncompromising quality, LAUDA equipment is ideal for scientists throughout multiple application areas including research and development, pilot plant and full-scale production.

LAUDA Pro circulator thermostat range from Asynt

LAUDA Pro circulator thermostat

LAUDA state-of-the-art temperature control devices are designed to offer outstanding performance for the operator whilst significantly reducing the environmental impact older technology carries with it – this works perfectly with Asynt’s mission to enable more sustainable laboratories that make good business sense too.

With robust and long-lasting temperature control systems a necessity in the lab, and temperature ranges of -150 °C TO +550 °C possible, the LAUDA includes a wide range of solutions depending upon the customers’ individual requirements. Asynt’s highly trained sales team of chemists will work closely with our customers to ensure that their needs are understood and fully met.


The feature-rich LAUDA solutions are easy and intuitive to use and are built to be long-lasting. With minimal maintenance requirements, users can therefore work successfully and productively.

If you’d like to speak with one of our technical team about how LAUDA products would benefit your own work please don’t hesitate to call on + 44 (0)1638 781709, email [email protected] or use the LIVE CHAT box at the bottom right of your screen!