Asynt October 2022 Chemistry Newsletter

Asynt October 2022 chemistry newsletter

As we reach the final quarter of 2022 please rest assured that there’s plenty still yet to come!  In the Asynt October 2022 Chemistry Newsletter we’ve included key features and articles relating to the topics you’ve told us you’re particularly interested in but we’ve finished up with some Halloween fun!  Please don’t forget that we’re always interested in hearing from you if you feel that there’s something you’d like to see included in our newsletter.  Do you receive your own copy direct to your inbox? If not, read on and find out how easy it is to have the latest chemistry news delivered each month.

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Here’s what we have in store for you in the Asynt October 2022 chemistry newsletter:

  • What kind of reactions can you run on fReactor?: peer-reviewed papers detailing many of those carried out
  • Single Source:  when it’s time for a lab reactor, Asynt is the one-stop shop!
  • Autumn/Winter offers: Our final selection of special offers for 2022
  • ISOR-15:  Visit our partners, ING-JING PRECISE INDUSTRIAL CORP. for all the latest Asynt products in Taiwan
  • Industry & Academia approve the CondenSyn MAXI: find out what chemists like you think of the scale-up solution for waterless reflux and distillation
  • Samhain or Halloween: No matter which camp you’re in, we love seeing how you celebrate in your lab!

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