Asynt newsletter August 2020

We are pleased to share our newsletter for August 2020!

Loads of interesting things this month; some fun stuff, some great chemistry reads, and some huge news from our Managing Director, Martyn Fordham.

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This month’s articles include:

  • Ice cream that doesn’t melt: the perfect summer solution!
  • DrySyn OCTO MK II: our new video gives you all the details of this upgrade to a product that was already amazing.
  • Breaking news: Asynt is expanding. Find out more!
  • Single heated & stirred reactions: Lose the oil baths, keep your chemistry.
  • The Chemistry of sunglasses:   Exactly what it says – PLUS our fun summer giveaway!
  • Sub ambient synthesis:  University of Bristol (UK) share their experience with the DrySyn SnowStorm Reactor with sub ambient synthesis of novel gold organometallic complexes.
  • Chemistry in your cupboard:  New RSC YouTube series with great activities for the budding chemist at home!

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