Asynt January 2023 Newsletter

Asynt January 2023 Newsletter

We’re almost half way through the first month of the year already so it’s time for the Asynt January 2023 newsletter.  This is a packed edition with loads to interest you on your coffee break so we hope that you’ll sit back and take a look!

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Here are the topics for the Asynt January 2023 newsletter:

  • Colgate University (USA) use kinetic data from their Multicell pressure reactor: find out more about their published paper, “The Key Role of the Latent N-H Group in Milstein’s Catalyst for Ester Hydrogenation”
  • Bring your lab to life: Safe & sustainable reflux packages NEW for 2023
  • Why add an LED photoreactor to your Flow setup?:  We talk you through the benefits
  • MD1C VARIO+: With better than 5mar vacuum control & extended 3 year warranty, currently with £460 off RRP!
  • Tell us what you want:  (What you really, really want…)

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