Asynt December 2021 Newsletter: what’s in store for 2022?

Asynt monthly newsletter December 2021

We aren’t quite at the end of the year yet but this it’s time for the Asynt December 2021 newsletter – last one of the year!

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Here’s what we have in store for you in the Asynt December 2021 newsletter:

  • It’s all about you: we look back at 2021 and what we’ve got in store for your lab in 2022
  • Sub-ambient chemistry:  brilliant tool for single and parallel cooled chemistry in tubes, vials, and round bottom flasks
  • Asynt final shipping dates: all the information you need to ensure safe delivery
  • AM Technology:  Fast vessel changes for the AMT Coflore® flow chemistry systems
  • Asynt distributor of the year awards:  we know that local knowledge is key
  • Flow-flow-flow! Merry Christmas!: High Productivity Photochemical Flow Synthesis – paper published
  • All change for the New Year? We’re recruiting – is it you we’re looking for?
  • Package Deals: last chance! Act now!
  • The chemistry of roast potatoes:  the true hero of your Christmas dinner!

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