Asynt August 2022 Newsletter – UK lab wins battle against unstable and incompatible ingredients

Asynt newsletter August 2022It’s still hot and dry here in the UK as I share the  Asynt August 2022 newsletter.  With hose pipe bans now being rolled out over some parts of the country, and utility prices dramatically increasing, this month’s edition includes a featured article on how you can tweak your laboratory set up to save both water and cash.  There’s a lot more to see as well as this but we’re always interested in hearing from you if you feel that there’s something missing.  Do you receive your own copy direct to your inbox? If not, read on and find out how easy it is to have the latest chemistry news delivered each month.

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Here’s what we have in store for you in the Asynt August 2022 newsletter:

  • Award-winning formulation & development lab create next-gen solutions: UK team share their advancements in self-care products
  • DrySyn Spiral Evaporator vs Smart Evaporator:  2 fabulous tools for evaporation of even high-boiling solvents, but which makes sense for your chemistry?
  • 10 simple steps for pressure safety in your lab: Make working under pressure your happy place...
  • #ACSfall2022:  come and say hi – there’s a lot to see!
  • World Water Week 2022: Get the best value out of your recirculating cooler and air condensers – Julabo offer the best way to set up your apparatus to save.
  • International Medicinal Chemistry Symposium: join Dr Kerry Elgie in Nice, France – and get the first look at our latest product launch!
  • Support the hardest working tool in your lab:  Extend the life of your pump and improve process times

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