11 cities most likely to run out of drinking water

Cape Town is in the shocking situation of being the first major city in the modern era to face the threat of running out of drinking water.  I see regular posts on social media sites from friends in that area and this is very real.

With the looming crisis in Cape Town raising huge amounts of media coverage, here at Asynt we were somewhat shocked to see London included in the BBC’s recent article as one of 11 cities “most likely to run out of drinking water”.

We talk about water-saving tools a lot, and maybe it is starting to sound repetitive, but it is essential that we all make every effort to save water where we can and news like this makes it very real.

Asynt CondenSyn Walter water droplet

Yes, CondenSyn is a fantastic tool for replacing Leibig type condensers in your lab and with a typical water condenser using approximately 600 litres of water in a 5 hour run, you can save vast amounts of water in your lab (incidentally saving huge amounts of cash, too) but what else can you do?

Asynt CondenSyn waterless air condensers

You could make the change to a recirculating cooler to cut more water use in your lab.

Julabo F500 recirculating cooler from Asynt

How about on a more personal level?  Have you got a stylish Asynt mug? Do your team all wash their mugs up individually after lunch or do you have one bowl of water for the whole team?  Every little bit of water saved will soon add up!  What else are you doing?

The new Asynt mug

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