RSC BMCS Mastering MedChem VII

Date: March 22, 2023

MCS Mastering MedChem VII: 7th RSC-BMCS Symposium

The RSC MBCS Mastering Medicinal Chemistry VII symposium is the latest in an ongoing series of conferences intended to provide expert advice and guidance to new practitioners in the field of drug discovery.

“It has been said that “there are two types of drug discovery programmes: those that hit serious problems and those that are going to hit serious problems”. Anticipating and preparing for such problems thus accelerates the delivery of new medicines: this event will feature presentations from experienced ‘drug-hunters’ in both industry and academia, who will talk about the challenges faced in modern drug discovery, and will share best practice common to all successful medicinal chemists.”

Asynt and Julabo

We are pleased to confirm that Asynt, and temperature-control experts, Julabo, will be on hand at the RSC BMCS Mastering Medicinal Chemistry VII symposium to give visitors the opportunity to take a closer look at the latest laboratory solutions available.  We hope that you’ll pay us a visit and say hello!

You can see our range of DrySyn / FroSyn for sub-ambient chemistry:
Asynt FroSyn and DrySyn SnowStorm Reactor offer cooling in an inert atmosphere for better temperature control and reproducibility. Less costly on energy too!Explore the possibilities with the LightSyn Illumin8 parallel photoreactor:

DrySyn Illumin8 Parallel benchtop photochemistry reactor from Asynt UK

Take the pressure off with the ultimate high-safety pressure reactor, PressureSyn:

What is a high-pressure reactor?There’s plenty more to explore at this event though, so we do hope that you’ll join us there.  You can find full details, including how to register to attend, via the event site HERE.

Don’t wait until then if you’d like to talk to us though!

Asynt sales and technical team members - The RSC MBCS Mastering Medicinal Chemistry VII symposium - March 2023

Whether you’re attending the RSC MBCS Mastering Medicinal Chemistry VII symposium or not, you can reach our technical team via email at [email protected], you can call on +44 (0)1638 781709,  book an online One2One meeting, or chat with us now via the LIVE CHAT box at the bottom right of your screen.

In the meantime, why not watch our short video explaining the benefits of the LightSyn Illumin8 parallel photoreactor?

Hopefully we’ll see you soon!