Asynt Evaluation: Wigen Nazarov – St Andrews University (UK)

Asynt Evaluation: “I have been dealing with Asynt for over 7 years now, and it has been an enjoyable experience. Asynt people love their work and care about their customers. When you are dealing with them, you feel that they are not just selling a product, but an unparalleled, professional and remarkable service. It is not like any other laboratory equipment company, their products are excellent quality, their sales people are knowledgeable and it does not matter if you are buying £50 or £5000 product, you get the same friendly and courteous service regardless.”

Asynt Drysyn Base kit, super maxi kit and multi base are ideal combination for synthesis, distillation and other chemistries and are remarkably clever and innovative designs. Apart from being indispensable laboratory kits, they are above all SAFE. The old fashion heating mantles containing exposed electrical heating elements housed in an insubstantial plastic casing are dangerous and catch fire easily. Drysyn is much safer, it is made of aluminium and transfers heat to the round bottom flask very fast. Also because it is machined to tightly fit the standard round bottom flasks, the heat transfer from the aluminium base to the glass vessel is efficient and uniform. It is a snug fit to the vessel and there are no hot spots that could cause bumping or cracking of round bottom flask during reaction. I bought super maxi kit and it saved me having the need for several different size mantles for different sizes of round bottom flask. I have also purchased the multibase kit, which will accepts up to twelve sample vials for heating. So one hotplate, one maxi kit, and one multibase kit replaced six different sizes of mantles, and several hotplates for heating sample vials in the laboratory. I am really pleased with this purchase and strongly recommend it.”

Wigen Nazarov, St Andrews University (UK)

Reference: ASY-EV-128