Smart Evaporator C10 Evaluation: Anon, Manufacturer

Smart Evaporator C10 Evaluation:  shared by BioChromato

“BioChromato We’d like to know about your research development with the C10. Thank you very much for this opportunity.
Mr.S My pleasure.
BioChromato What types of research area are you working on?
Mr.S We work in the research of composite material of asphalt and solvents to develop our self-manufactured product.
BioChromato How do you use the C10?
Mr.S To commercialize the composite material developed in our research, we need to exclude the solvents in the last process. We started to use the C10 to significantly improve the work efficiency in the lab.
BioChromato What is the container size and the sample volume you use with the C10?
Mr.S We concentrate 50cc of the sample heated at 60 Celsius in the 100mL screw bottle. The C10 is able to handle the maximum 10 samples at once, and that runs for 2 hours for one operation. We have that process 5 times in a week.
BioChromato Is there any particular benefits you feel with using the C10?
Mr.S The C10 supports the 10 concentrations at once, and this contributes to our work efficiency. It is necessary to increase the number of transactions for commercializing the product, and we need to verify the small amount samples like 50cc for many times so the C10 performs the best with our case. Actually we’ve just also purchased two rotary evaporators, but I asked for the demonstration when the distributor showed us your brochure. The evaporation principal was just something I have never seen.
BioChromato What was the impression you had in the demonstration?
Mr.S It was more than I expected, and I straight away made my mind to purchase. With the rotary evaporator, we used to take 3 to 4 days to concentrate the 10 samples with one flask. Now this takes us only 2 hours without bumping risk. I appreciate for the safe and improved operation.
BioChromato So the demonstration convinced you that this is actually a good apparatus! So after you actually start using this, do you have any new impressions?
Mr.S Once our research material becomes commercialized, that will be manufactured at some tons after 2-3 years. In that case we would need to have the factory scaled evaporation machine with the vacuum-vortex principal. We’d like you to consider the scale-up development in the future.
BioChromato I see. We may have the same request from the other manufacturers in the future. Thank you for your opinion, and we appreciate for your cooperation.”

Mr. S. used to use the rotary evaporator to concentrate the 10 samples for his material development, and that took him 3 to 4 days. The C10 which supports the multiple evaporations handles the 10 evaporations in about 2 hours. Even those who are not experienced with the rotary evaporator can operate the apparatus at ease without bumping risk, and this contributes to the commercialization of their research materials.
(Interviewer: Tsuyoshi Kikuchi)

Reference: ASY-EV-145