Smart Evaporator C10 Evaluation: Anon. C10 reduces capacity issues

Smart Evaporator C10 Evaluation: Anon. Shared by BioChromato

“No more scrambles for the Smart Evaporator C1,
but now we have the C10!

The Smart Evaporator C10 is now newly introduced to the laboratory of Dr.K.
(interviewed with Dr. “K” in the university “T” in natural product chemistry research)

BioChromato Thank you very much for purchasing the C10.The last time we had a great contribution from you for the testimonial of C1, but again we would be appreciated to know your impression of using the multi-positioned Smart Evaporator.

Dr.K I would also be pleased to do so.

BioChromato I heard that the Smart Evaporator’s been widely used among students, and there was a queue to wait for turn.

Dr.K Yes, the students were waiting for their turn to use the C1.

BioChromato Why did the students prefer to use the C1?

Dr.K I can say that’s because the evaporator is free from bumping. We can hardly collect the fluorescent substance samples once they bump, and also it was too much burden to clean for many times so we had an issue on how to avoid samples to be bumped.

BioChromato I see. So the one single C1 was not enough for the demands of all the students. Then now you’ve selected the multi-positioned C10.

Dr.K That’s right. When I first saw that at one of the conference, I already made my mind. Once I had the budget ready, I decided to purchase that without hesitation.

BioChromato I’m honoured to have your interests from the time you first saw it at the conference. So how is that working at your lab and do you come up with new impressions?
C10 just installed at her lab.

Dr.K When setting up the vials and the Spiral Plugs, it’s very smooth to lift up and down the heating block so I found it’s far easier than the C1. And also the valves are well designed that use the motif of flower or leaf. I think it’s great you are particular about the details too.

BioChromato We appreciate to have your compliments and will be pleased to have further feedbacks again. Thank you very much for your time today.”