DrySyn SnowStorm ONE Evaluation: Jason E. Bara, University of Alabama

DrySyn SnowStorm ONE Evaluation:

 My role is PI – our research goals relate to CO2 capture, green chemistry, and 3D printing.  The main types of chemistry we perform are substitution reactions  forming C-O or C-N bonds on small molecules and polymers.

Maintaining a low temperature is important because many reactions we perform are exothermic and we need to limit temperature rise to prevent side reactions and/or runaway temperature rises.  Previously we used typical water-ice baths.

We chose the Snowstorm ONE system because I had always considered designing my own “chill plate” for this purpose, but when I saw that Asynt was selling exactly what I had in mind, I gave up on designing my own system which would have to be fabricated in our shop.

We use SnowStorm ONE with all size flasks from 100 – 1000 mL and it’s been a huge benefit to know we are maintaining consistent heat removal and constant temperatures over the course of a reaction – no need to pour out water/add ice.

I am sure we are saving more time this way.  I can’t comment on exact cost savings but it’s a benefit for sure.

Prof. Jason E. Bara, Ph.D., Chemical & Biological Engineering, University of Alabama

Reference: ASY-EV-162