CondenSyn® Evaluation: Queen’s University Belfast

CondenSyn® Evaluation: Panagiotis Manesiotis’s Research Team, Queen’s University Belfast.

PhD student Amanda says:

“Since receiving the CondenSyn® waterless condenser, we have substituted standard water condensers for the waterless counterpart in a number of reactions, including overnight refluxes and Soxhlet extractions. We have found the transition to CondenSyn seamless!


In our tests, CondenSyn has been as efficient as traditional condensers, however, the waterless setup is safer, greener and easier to use without loss of performance.


The lack of tubing also allows for a tidier and safer working area and the sleek shape of the condensers would allow for multiple condensers to be setup on the same hot plate, vastly enhancing productivity!”

Queen's University Belfast

Reference: ASY-EV-147