CondenSyn® Evaluation: Gina Washbourn, University of Liverpool

CondenSyn® Evaluation:

“The reflux condenser worked really well with all of the solvents I used (DMF, Ethanol, DCM, water, MeCN and acetone) with no ‘bumping’ up the condenser that I have seen with water based ones.

It’s also worked when the reactions were left on for a number of days including over the weekend and meant that I was not worried about a condenser leaking overnight!

Also what was great about it was that it was so easy to clean, as there was no need to disconnect the water and drain.

I’ve found it really useful in terms of space as it doesn’t need to be next to a sink so was able to get an extra reaction on. “

Gina Washbourn, Department of Chemistry, University of Liverpool (UK)

Reference: ASY-EV-153