CondenSyn® Evaluation: Dr Graeme McAllister, University of York

CondenSyn® Evaluation: 

“We have been trying the CondenSyn 450 mm air condenser on a THF drying still (b.p. 66 °C), equipped with a 1 L main flask and ~250 mL collection head.
The still runs for approximately 8-9 hours per day. Taking the flow rate of a standard water condenser to be ~0.5 L/min, a rough estimate shows a saving of 240-270 L of water per day.
In all this time, we never observed any appreciable loss of solvent, and while we didn’t measure the temperature at each end of the condenser, the higher temperature at the base caused by the condensing solvent didn’t spread beyond the second ‘rung’.

prevent water waste and floods in your lab - chemistry air condensers CondenSyn are water-free!Aside from the water saving benefits, the main advantages of the CondenSyn are:
• Ease of set-up – can be located anywhere in the fume hood, not restricted to being near a tap/sink.
• No water tubing attachments, so no risk of flooding or water leaks into electrical equipment, as well as reduced fume hood ‘clutter’.
• No need to worry about fluctuating water pressure (or loss of water supply), so refluxing reactions can safely be left overnight.
• Range of sizes for different reaction scales and sizes of flask.”

Dr Graeme McAllister, Experimental Officer, University of York

Reference: ASY-EV-142