CondenSyn® Evaluation: Dr Alistair Henderson, NewChem Technologies

CondenSyn® evaluation: 

“We have evaluated the performance of the CondenSyn with a range of solvents of varying boiling points and have observed no appreciable loss of solvent, even during overnight reactions. The ease of which the lightweight condensers are attached to the reaction set-up make them attractive, it is just like ‘plug and play’!

There is no risk of damaging equipment while attaching tubing for the water source and they have completely eliminated the potential of water leakage and flooding. The CondenSyn is especially useful in reducing the risk of issues where there is fluctuating water pressure. The use of the condensers in fume hoods keeps the fume hood tidy, even with multiple condensers in use.”


Dr Alistair Henderson, Manager,  NewChem Technologies.

Reference: ASY-EV-141