Wicked Halloween chemistry

Asynt halloween wicked chemistry

Last year for Halloween we took a look at some of the history of Halloween, but things have gone a little more gory this year!

The ever-topical Compound Interest infographics team have put together some great information about the Chemistry of Blood as fake blood so often forms a big part of Halloween costumes and we couldn’t resist sharing.

Chemistry-of-Blood Compound Interest image

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I think we all slightly over-do the whole pumpkin “thing” at this time of year but it’s interesting to take a closer look!  You probably won’t be surprised to know that the fiery orange hue of the pumpkin is due to carotenoid compounds that give carrots their colour.  These can actually carry through into the blood – my father took great delight in telling me many years ago about a fellow vegan gentleman who was donating plasma at the same time as he was, but whom ate a lot of carrots and drank juiced carrots. His plasma was bright orange!  All those pumpkin spiced latte drinks in the coffee shops have only a minimal amount to do with the actual vegetable and a lot more to do with the spices added; I particularly enjoy that cinnamon is actually cinnamaldehyde which sounds like something definitely appropriate for Halloween to me!

We wish all of our customers a happy and safe Halloween!