Up to Speed on Meldonium

Meldonium blog

Our team regularly take a virtual walk around the science and chemistry blogs featured online and this week Dr Kerry Elgie recommended I take a look at the latest update from Derek Lowe, drug discovery chemist and blogger based in Massachusetts.


Lowe covers the scandal that hit the newspapers worldwide recently relating to tennis superstar, Maria Sharapova, and her use of a drug called Meldonium which has never been officially approved in the US or anywhere in Western Europe.  I have first hand experience of the user-side of drug approval and licencing as often a drug can be doing a sterling job already when a new use is proven that can be of life-changing value for potential users but doctors may not prescribe it, even though it has already been safe to take, because it lacks the specific approval for that condition.

We thought that you would find this very topical blog on what Lowe calls “an outstanding drug” interesting so click through HERE to read for yourself!